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Americana | Shelbie

Anna and I wanted to get into the 4th of July spirit by doing a fun Americana shoot.  Anna had just taken Shelbie’s hair from blonde to brunette and of course we had to photograph her:)  Doesn’t she just look faboosh as a brunette??  We had everything we needed to celebrate our beautiful country, including some sparklers:) We partied like it was 1776 and it was just what Anna and I needed:) I hope you all had a fun and safe July 4th!

Hair & Makeup: Anna DeLong


Colorvale Planner | Why I love this thing!

I am a list maker!  I make lists for my list so when I got my planner in the mail I immediately started marking it up:)  This thing puts the “plan” in “planner”!  It has EVERYTHING: workflow, goals, an entire section just for notes!  You name it, this planner has it!  I’ve been using it now for several months and wanted to give you a sneak peek into how I use it.




I LOVE the calendar in this thing!  The squares are nice and big and it also has a space at the bottom of each square that I use to write in my session for that day.  2014-05-27_0016


WORKFLOW!!!  I can’t tell you how wonderful this part is!  Everything I need to do or have done for each client is all in one spot!  I no longer have to search around through files to find what I need!


My favorite part!  I can write down what I need to get done for the day here.  Now my “To Do” list is broken down and so much nicer!  Blog post for the day?  Check!  Need to edit some sessions?  Check! Check!  HHHMMM…what should I post today?  Blog?  Sneak Peeks? Check and Check!  2014-05-27_0018



What are you waiting for?!?!  Go get yours today!!!  Colorvale Planner



Tomball High School Senior | Jay

It’s a boy!!!  I never get to shoot guy seniors so I get excited when one shows up and makes their mama happy:)  It didn’t hurt that he is pretty handsome either:)  Jay, thanks for hanging out with me for a little bit! 2014-05-27_00012014-05-27_00022014-05-27_00032014-05-27_00042014-05-27_00052014-05-27_00062014-05-27_00072014-05-27_00082014-05-27_00092014-05-27_00102014-05-27_00112014-05-27_00122014-05-27_0013

Oak Alley Plantation Wedding | Logan & Courtney

You may remember this gorgeous couple from their engagement session.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to be part of their wedding at Oak Alley Plantation.  Everything was gorgeous and meticulasly planned.  I apologize in advance for the over abundance of pictures in this blog post, but I wanted to show so many things from the entire day:)  Logan & Courtney, thank you so so much for allowing me to capture your wedding day!  I had a blast and am proud to call you two friends/clients:)  Without further ado…Mr & Mrs. Carlson!




This is seriously one of the sweetest moments that I have ever witnessed at a wedding!  They didn’t want to see each other, but they did want to exchange letters and say a prayer together before the ceremony started.   Lots of tears and if I’m being honest…I shed a few too:)







May 17, 2014 - 5:21 pm

Laura - I love the naturalness of the pics. What a beautiful setting. I love everything about every capture Your amazing Amie. I love following your link and facebook. You inspire me to do more in my pictures. Thank You :)