Colorvale Planner | Why I love this thing!

I am a list maker! I make lists for my list so when I got my planner in the mail I immediately started marking it up 🙂 This thing puts the “plan” in “planner”! It has EVERYTHING: workflow, coque iphone en ligne goals, coque huawei nova pas cher an entire section just for notes! You name it, coque iphone sale this planner has it! I’ve been using it now for several months and wanted to give you a sneak peek into how I use it. coque huawei pas cher  2014-05-27_00142014-05-27_0015  I LOVE the calendar in this thing! The squares are nice and big and it also has a space at the bottom of each square that I use to write in my session for that day.2014-05-27_0016  WORKFLOW!!! I can’t tell you how wonderful this part is! Everything I need to do or have done for each client is all in one spot! I no longer have to search around through files to find what I need!2014-05-27_0017  My favorite part! I can write down what I need to get done for the day here.

Shelbie | Montgomery High School

7 outfits + 7 hair and makeup changes + 7 locations + 7 amazing people= 1 AMAZING senior shoot! We pulled out all the stops on Shelbie’s LUXE senior picture session and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular! To top it all off, coque iphone outlet shop it was Shelbie’s 18th birthday and we wanted to make it a little special. Coque huawei Got some adorable shots of her and her boyfriend, Coque iphone had a glitter party, coque iphone d’occasion and that last shot was the best way to end our day! Big thanks to Anna DeLong for scouting locations with me, coque imprimé huawei pas cher styling Shelbie and of course that gorgeous hair and makeup! Erin Others Photography for tagging along and getting some pull backs for me (What goes on behind the scenes blog coming soon) and of course to Shelbie’s crew for helping us keep things moving.