Montgomery TX Engagements : Brad + Kelli

“She stood in the storm, coque iphone outlet store + when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” -Elizabeth Edwards

I have searched for the words to describe how beautiful this love story is and I keep coming up short. coque iphone pas cher Kelli lost her first husband to a motorcycle accident, and some, coque iphone for sale how years later, Coque iPhone 6 Brad came along and as much as Kelli tried to push him away…he stayed. Eventually, coque iphone sale Kelli let this gentle giant in and they fell in love.

Shonda - Amazing! The love they have for one another is truly captured in these photographs. I’ve known Kelli for about 10 years or so, and I’m so happy she found Brad!! She means a lot to me, and it’s so good to see her smile again 🙂

Olde Dobbin Station Wedding : Daniel + Stephanie

To quote Stephanie, “It takes a special kind of person to want to make someone else happy on a day that is supposed to be about them.” and that is just who Daniel is and he proved it on the day he proposed to Stephanie…his birthday. Vente Coque iPhone They started dating on April 25th, 2008 and 7 years later to the day, they united as husband and wife under the eyes of God and their families. Coque pour Huawei The day was full of laughter, tears and fun.

Daniel + Stephanie, thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives. My life is sweeter because you are in it and it was an honor to be there to document your love for each other. coque huawei pas cher To be surrounding by your family and friends, who also welcomed me with open arms was beyond amazing. I am blessed to now call you my friends. coque huawei 🙂 With much love and appreciation, I thank you for everything.



The wedding and reception was held at the gorgeous Olde Dobbin Station wedding venue.


Stephanie wore a stunning Justin Alexander Signature wedding gown that fit her like a glove!


The jacket that she wore for the ceremony gave her gown a completely different look and it was one of my favorite details.


Daniel bought the dress for Stephanie and she was so nervous for him to see it for the first time…I think it’s safe to say he loved it and told her how beautiful she looked in it.


Stephanie did a first look with her parents and the emotions that filled the room was almost too much for me to handle…ok, I cried. I cried right along with them.


This is one of my favorite moments.

Conroe TX Engagement Photos: Stephanie + Daniel - […] Daniel + Stephanie have been going to the same school since middle school but they never knew each other. They officially meet through his cousin, which is a friend of Stephanie’s, when she was in her senior year of high school. He took her to her senior prom and after that they started dating.  April 25, 2008 to be exact!  7 years later on April 25, 2015, the two tied the knot at Olde Dobbin Station.  You can view their wedding here. […]